Training School

Our Mandate

The Training School has the mandate to:

Plan, develop, manage, regulate, coordinate and operate a safe, economically viable and efficient Training facility in line with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and in accordance with best global practices

Identify Training needs in all areas of knowledge, skill and attitudinal development

Develop, implement and coordinate Training programmes to meet internal and external needs.

Pre and Post-Training Evaluation.

Provide facility for various Training programmes for Stakeholders, Training Consultants and International Training Organizations in both aviation and other fields.

Strategic Objectives

To successfully achieve the Vision, Mission and Mandate, as stated above, FAAN Training School priorities are to:

Maintain an International Aviation Training School of excellence .

To enhance Excellent Customer Service Delivery.

Be financially sustainable.

Ensure availability of Competent Professionals to effectively execute the delivery of quality service.

Provide Customized Training Services for Stakeholders Locally and Internationally.

To Consistently Comply with statutory training obligations.

Provide Training appropriate to the needs of particular individuals and groups of employees locally and internationally.

Our Trainings are as listed below


1. Basic AVSEC STP 123 Course 2. AVSEC Cargo and Mail Course 3. AVSEC Crisis Management Course 4. AVSEC Instructors Course. 5. AVSEC Supervisors Course 6. AVSEC Screeners Course 7. Airline Security Basic Course 8. STP 123 AVSEC Management Course 9. Security Awareness Course

Airport operations

1. Marshallers Training 2. Aerodrome Operations 3. Terminal Operations Course 4. Basic Airport Operations Course 5. Advance Airport Operations Course 6. Airport Operations Awareness Course


1. National instructors course 2. AVSEC 123 Basic 3.Cargo and mail security course 4. National inspectors course 5. Behaviour detection course 6. Risk management 7. Airport security awareness (for stakeholders) Visual and physical 8. Specific corporate deslgn of training on any of the AVSEC ourses

train airplus

1. Aerodromes Courses. 2. Air Transport Courses. 3. Training Competency Developmenet. 4. Environment. 5. Aviation Management. 6. Air Navigation Services. 7. Flight Safety and Safety Management. 8. Security. 9. Facilitation. 10. Aviation Law.


1. Airside Operations Safety Compliance. 2. Aerodrome Safety. 3. Airport Emergency Procedures Training.


1. Fire Fighter Initial and Revalidation 2. Crew Commander Initial and Revalidation 3. Incident Management 4. Fire Prevention 5. Fire Warden/ Marshal 6. Hazmat Awareness and Operation 7. Abridged Aerodrome Fire Fighting 8. Breathing Apparatus Wearer 9. Pump Operation


1. Team Building 2. Essential Skills for Communication 3. Conflict Resolutions & Management In The Workplace 4. Strategic Succession Planning 5. Customer Relationship Management

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