Airport Security

Today, at our Airports we screen 100 percent of checked baggage for explosives and Narcotics. Using combinations of software, conveyance systems and screening technologies — computer tomography, X-ray machines and explosive trace detection.

FAAN through AVSEC ensures adequate security for all passengers at the airport using all available techniques and methods in an attempt to protect passengers, staff, aircraft, and airport property from accidental/malicious harm, crime, terrorism, and other threats.

The efforts of AVSEC in carrying out their security functions keeps the passenger at ease while flying.

Airport security measures can be grouped into two types; standardized screening techniques, which all passengers must undergo (e.g., baggage X-rays, metal detecting scans); and elevated-risk screening (including pat-downs and strip searches) for which only a sub-set of passengers are selected.

Tight Security At Our Airports.

FAAN through AVSEC controls the access to the airport’s sterile areas or airside and the security of other major points like the catering departments, boarding gates, check-in points and perimeter fencing.

Social Distancing Will Be enforced

In the events of a pandemic, Social distancing will be enforced, mask and all other observances will be adhered to
in line with the Federal Governements policies to curb the pandemic.

Where there is increased passenger traffic, markings and signages
will be put in place and additional queuing barriers will also be set up in the terminal building.

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