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The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has the statutory functions of developing and managing all necessary airport facilities and services for safe, secured and efficient carriage of passengers and goods. Consequently, the Authority intends to undertake the procurement of the under-listed projects at FAAN Headquarters and other Airports in Nigeria, under its 2020 financial year/Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) Budget. In compliance with the National Open Competitive Bidding (NOCB) procedures stipulated in the Public Procurement Act 2007 and its extant guidelines, the Authority hereby invite competent and reliable companies to submit their technical documents for execution of the projects.




Lot No. Description of Project
A Renovation/Civil works at FAAN Staff Quarters, Offices and dilapidated buildings at FAAN Headquarters and other Airports under the following groups:
I (S/W) FAAN Headquarters, Lagos; Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos; Ibadan Airport; Ilorin Airport, Akure Airport and Benin Airport
II (N/C) Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja; Kaduna Airport; Minna Airport and Makurdi Airport
III (NW/NE) Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano; Sultan Abubakar International Airport, Sokoto; Umar Musa Yar’adua International Airport, Katsina; Maiduguri Airport and Yola Airport
IV (SS/SE) Port Harcourt International Airport; Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu; Margret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar and Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Owerri
B Bush Clearing and Landscaping at various Airports
C Supply and Installation of Fire/Safety Equipment (e.g. Fire/Smoke alarm system, Delivery Hose Dryer System, Signages, etc.)
D Printing and Supply of Non-Security Documents
E Supply and Installation of Communication Equipment (e.g. Walkie Talkie, Radios, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Public Address Systems, Flight Display Systems, Airport Management Systems, Hotlines, Crash Alarm Systems, etc.)
F Automation of FAAN’s Facilities (e.g. Car Parks, Access gates, Toll gates, etc.)
G Supply and Installation of Security Equipment (e.g. Cargo screening machines, Explosive detectors, CCTV, etc.)
H Provision of System Support Services (e.g. IP Services, Maintenance services, Power Backup services, Core Rooms, Data Center, Data Services, Equipment Room services, FM200, Inverters, Telephony, etc.)
I Supply and Installation of Water Engineering Equipment (e.g. Sewage Treatment Plant, Industrial Boreholes, Fire Hydrants, etc.)
J Supply and Installation of Generators
K Supply and Installation of Mechanical Equipment (e.g. Baggage Conveyor Systems, Lifts, Escalators, Aviobridges, Chillers, Air Conditioners, etc.)
L Supply and Installation of Electrical Equipment
M Maintenance of Physical Assets at various Airports:
I (Mechanical) Baggage Conveyor Systems, Lifts, Escalators, Aviobridges, Chillers, Generators, Air Conditioners, etc.
II (Civil & Building) Runways, Taxiways, Apron, Terminal Buildings, Operational perimeter road, Link roads, etc.
III (Land, Water & Survey) Sewage Treatment Plant, Industrial Boreholes, Fire Hydrants, etc.
IV (Security ) Cargo screening machines, Explosive and narcotics detection machines, Bomb detection machines, Distance explosive detectors, etc.
N Derubberization, Degreasing and Friction Testing of Runways, Taxiways and Aprons at various Airports


  • Evidence of Company’s Certificate of Incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), including certified true copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association, forms CAC2 & CAC7.
  • Evidence of Company’s Income Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) for the last three years (i.e. 2017, 2018 and 2019), valid till 31st December 2020.
  • Evidence of current Pension Clearance Certificate, valid till 31st December 2020.
  • Evidence of current Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate valid till 31st December 2020.
  • Evidence of current Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Compliance Certificate, valid till 31st December 2020.
  • Evidence of registration on the National Database of Federal Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers by submission of Interim Registration Report (IRR) expiring on 31/01/2021 or valid certificate issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).
  • Sworn Affidavit from Court of competent jurisdiction in Nigeria (Federal or State), including stamped passport photograph and signature of Deponent/Declarant, disclosing as follows:-


  • Whether or not any officer of the relevant committees of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) or Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) is a former or present Director, Shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder and to confirm that all information presented in its bid are true and correct in all particulars.
  • That the Director(s) has/have never been convicted by any court of law.
  • That the firm’s Director or the company is not bankrupt.
  • Company’s Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years – 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Evidence of financial capability to execute the project by submission of Reference Letter from a reputable Commercial Bank in Nigeria, indicating willingness to provide credit facility for the execution of project when needed.
  • Company’s Profile, with Curriculum Vitae of Key Staff to be deployed for the project, including copies of their academic and professional certificates (in case of Civil Works: COREN, QSRBN, ARCON, CORBON, etc.).
  • Verifiable documentary evidence of at least three (3) similar works successfully completed/ongoing project in the last five (5) years, including Letters of Award, Contract Agreements, Job Completion Certificates and Photographs of the projects.
  • For Lot M(I-IV), the bidders should document list of relevant Plants/Equipment with proof of Ownership or valid Lease Agreement (where applicable). For Lot M(III), the list must include Milling machines, Bulldozers, Excavators, Pay loaders, Water tankers, Welding machines, Compressors, etc.
  • For Lot N, proof of Ownership or valid Lease Agreement or purchase receipt(s) is required for the relevant equipment (e.g. Highway road sweepers, chemical free derubberization machines, operational vehicles, etc.).
  • For Supply of Equipment: Letter of Authorization from the Original Equipment Manufacturers or evidence of proficiency in the Installation and Training on operation of equipment (where applicable).
  • All documents for submission must be transmitted with a Covering/Forwarding letter under the Company/Firm’s Letter Head paper bearing amongst others, the Registration Number (RC) as issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Contact Address, Telephone Number (preferably GSM No.), E-mail address, names and nationalities of the Directors of the Company at the bottom of the page and duly signed by the authorized officer of the firm.


  • The documents are to be submitted in soft copy (flash drive) and two (2) hard copies (One original and one copy) in A4 paper size and neatly bound. The document should be arranged in the order listed above and clearly separated by dividers.
  • The documents must be sealed in an envelope and the Project Name and Lot number clearly written at the top left corner of the envelope.
  • All documents must be submitted to the office of “The General Manager (Procurement)”, FAAN Headquarters, Ikeja – Lagos.
  • Contacts: Phone No. 08033011334 or 08034706549, Email Address: procurement
  • Submission of pre-qualification documents shall close at exactly 11:30a.m. on Monday, 28th September, 2020.



Pre-qualification documents shall be opened immediately after the deadline for submission at 11:30a.m. on Monday, 28th September, 2020, at the Procurement Department, Maintenance Yard, FAAN Headquarters, Ikeja, Lagos.


  • No Company is allowed to submit bid documents for more than two (2) lots.
  • In case of Lot A(I-IV), Company can only bid for one (1) Region under the Lot while for Lot M(I-IV), Company can only bid for one (1) of the sub-category under the Lot.
  • FAAN reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any claims made on the bid documents submitted by companies.
  • Failure to comply with the instruction(s) and provide any required document(s) may automatically result in disqualification.
  • FAAN reserves the right to reject any or all the pre-qualification documents.
  • Original of all the above-listed eligibility documents may be requested for sighting as and when needed.
  • Late submissions will be returned un-opened.
  • All submissions must be in English language.
  • Submission should be very clear on the areas of specification and Lot(s) of interest.
  • The technical bids opening shall be conducted in line with COVID19 guidelines;
  • Bidders can submit through Post (Courier Services)
  • Only prequalified bidders will be invited at a later stage for collection of financial tender documents.
  • At a later stage, prequalified bidders would be requested to submit the updated copies of their statutory documents e.g. Tax, PENCOM, ITF, NSITF, BPP and any other relevant document. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.
  • This advertisement shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of FAAN, nor shall it entail the bidder to make any claim(s) whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from FAAN, by virtue of such bidder having responded to this publication.
  • FAAN is not bound to shortlist any bidder and reserves the right to annul the Procurement process at any time without incurring any liabilities in accordance with Section 28 of the Public Procurement Act 2007.