Engr. Jensen Asaba

Engr. Jensen Asaba

Director of Corporate Services

The newly appointed Director of Corporate Services has over two decades of experience in the private sector and almost a decade in the public sector, Jensen Asaba is a seasoned engineer.  Until his current appointment, he served as a Director in the Federal Ministry of Communication and the Digital Economy.

During his tenure at Siemens T&D in the UK as well as AREVA T&D (Former ABB), Engr Jensen contributed to major projects and introduced innovative ideas. He holds a B.Engr. (Hons) in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and is a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and COREN.

Additionally, Engr Jensen holds certifications in Construction Design Management, Substation Design, Solar PV training, and Project Management Professional (PMP). Engr. Jensen is a loving husband and father to three children, demonstrating a commitment to both his personal and professional life.

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