Customer Service / Servicom

The Customer Service Department is responsible for the developing, implementing, and monitoring of compliance with FAAN service standards for providing quality service at all our airports.

The role of this department also involves responding promptly and effectively, resolving issues and documenting same. This fosters lasting customer relationships, loyalty, improves our credibility as well as builds strategies for improving the overall customer experience.

We take our passengers complaints seriously and they are handled in real time at the airport where the service failure occurred or if it requires further investigation, we aim to respond within 10 working days or less in line with the FAAN Service Charter. Our Customer Service desks are sign posted and easy to locate.

There is a desk, based in each of the departure and arrival halls at our airports.
Regular Customer Satisfaction Feedback Surveys are carried out with our passengers and stakeholders which help us to see where our services fall short and embark on improvements.

In order to reduce incidents of non-travelers taking up seats at our airports and engaging in illegal activities, FAAN removed seats from the departure and arrival halls but has provided Customer Service Lounges free of charge for a select category of passengers who are eligible to sit at the lounges while waiting to check-in or waiting to be picked up.

These passengers are the elderly, physically challenged, parents with babies or toddlers, pregnant women; nursing mothers and sick travelers who are travelling for treatment purposes (proof is required).

Other passengers are required to go to check-in then head to the boarding gate where seats are provided for them to make use of till it is time to board, while arriving passengers are expected to exit the terminal building after retrieval of their luggage and Customs checks.

A new terminal, Terminal 2 has been opened at MMA and boasts of all the comfort and facilities of a modern airport.



Service Compact with All Nigerians
SERVICOM is a service compact with all Nigerians which is an agreement between the Federal Government and the public to provide quality services by promoting service excellence in public service delivery through its Ministries and Agencies.

As FAAN is a government parastatal, we subscribe to this agreement and commit to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service when interacting with our organization.

Complaints and Grievances

Redress Mechanism
In our continued effort to serve our customers better, we wish to advise the following procedures
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