CoronVirus is real. Be careful and Stay Safe.

Safeguarding Airport Terminals for a Post COVID-19 World

For us at FAAN, safe passenger separation management will rely on the ability to understand passenger density across our terminals and taking action to prevent crowding.

So much has changed in such a short time. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, airport terminals have gone from bustling hubs of activity to eerily empty spaces.

But as the infection peaks seem to be passing, our government have started opening the economy getting it kicking back into gear. The air transport industry’s ability to demonstrate that it can support reasonable social-distancing will be a critical factor in the pace at which lockdown rules will be relaxed. The reason we have come up with these below "Do's & Don'ts" at our airports.

Do's and Don'ts at our Airports

Minding the Gap.

As economic activity slowly returns, airports are hoping that travelers take to the skies again, and quickly. But confidence will need to be earned. With social distancing being our primary weapon against COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, operators face new-found challenges in keeping people apart and preventing terminals from becoming potential virus breeding grounds.

Success will, in part, come down to our ability to predict and measure passenger movement and densities – when they arrive, where they dwell and how they choose to congregate – and using that knowledge to manage people flow and distribution.

At our airports, we have deployed infra-red devices to determine temperatures and quick health status of arriving passengers, Contact-less self service devices and robots to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Timely communication will be essential for building community trust. With their health and safety potentially on the line, passengers will want reassurance that airports are taking the right measures.

Flight Resumption

As Nigeria begins to slowly reopen in the wake of the coronavirus, airports are looking at what it will take to make fliers feel comfortable in their facilities again. That is sure to be no small feat. So we have put a lot of measures in place to ensure your safety again.

Arrival Time

An early arrival to the Airport will allow a fast checking process and it is advised to arrive at the Airport 3 hours before your flight due to the new COVID-19 safety checks.

Hand washing at the Airport is compulsory

Washing of your hands as soon as you arrive is very mandatory in line with the directives of the WHO and NCDC. All Passengers are expected to comply as directed as we will ensure strict adherence and compliance.

Use your Face Mask

All passengers should note that FACE MASK is a must before you will be allowed entrance into the airport at all times.

Covid-19 Protocol for Non-Travelling Passengers

Non travelling passengers will not be allowed into the Airport Terminal Building, all non-passengers should please take note of this for strict compliance.

Avoid Touching

Avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces while at the Airport for your safety and that of others.

Distance of 2 Meters

All Passengers are advised to keep 2 meters distance from the next passenger at all times while at the airport.

Distance at all times

Kindly maintain social distancing while approaching the counter for your boarding pass.

Escorts with VIPs

Escorts coming with VIPs will not be allowed into the departure hall, only traveling passengers.

Pick Ups

People coming to pick up arriving passengers are advised to remain in their car until the passenger exits the gate.

Safety of Air Travel POST COVID-19

According to the European Aviation Safety Agency Studies, "The cabin/cockpit air quality is similar or better than what is observed in normal indoor environments" such as offices and homes. This is why we have taken time to fumigate and disinfect all air crafts in conjunction with the airlines.

Welcome Back!

We heartily welcome all passengers and airport users back to the airports as we reopen our airports for full operation, we appeal to you all to comply with our personnel to prevent the spread of Corona-virus.
Safeguarding airport terminals for a post-COVID-19 world Safe passenger separation management will rely on the ability to understand passenger density across the terminal and taking action to prevent crowding.
Activities at the Airports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers are to arrive between  3 h  to 1 h : 30 min  before flight time for local flights.

Already done and will be done daily over the course of the night

Non-traveling passengers are to wait in their cars, not allowed in the terminal building.

Machine learning technology and real-time monitoring may hold the answers to managing social distancing and minimizing risks in the new normal. We have deployed Robots to help in this regards.

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