Commercial Activities

Our Commercial Operations

With the number of available businesses and commercial activities at our various airports in Nigeria there is no doubt that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria is in general a public organization with a peculiar and essential service. It is highly driven by diverse, multifaceted and compacted economic and social factors. Concisely, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has yielded substantial benefits in terms of enhanced efficiency, growth and better service delivery in Nigerian Aviation sector.

Landing & Parking Unit

We offer Landing & Parking Services at our Airports.

Billing Unit

This Unit takes care of all your billings and tarrifs.


This Unit deals in and Manages the fuel distribution

Real Estate

The real estate Unit handles your bills according to the prevailing prices.

Ground Transportation

Handles ground transportation bills and Tarrifs.

Admin & Statistics

This unit takes care of the Airport Administration and Statistics.
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