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Our airports provide good business opportunities for profitable investments to all categories of investors

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Hangar services for safe storage of aircraft not in use and for maintenance services are still in short supply across the country. There is still a deficiency in aircraft maintenance capacity in the country.

FAAN is ready to partner with competent private investors to develop such facilities. Willing private investors with the expertise and financing are welcome to set up such a facility at a good location at various airports in country. This will assist greatly in realising governments’ drive to make the country the hub for aviation in West Africa through the provision of capacity for aircraft repair and maintenance.

There is yet a supply shortfall for standard ground handling services such as landing gantry equipment / services, lounge to tarmac bussing, aircraft parking gear at some of our airports, especially at domestic airports in country. There are over 25 domestic airports in the country.

IT technology companies with expertise in access control, remote monitoring/surveillance, etc can provide such services at various airports in the country. Electronic personnel security management system / services.
Also demand for design and installation of computer networking and wi-fi systems at airport terminals round country.

With FAAN’s new focus on air cargo development with several cargo freight facilities being completed at airport terminals round the country, there is demand for refrigeration / temperature control equipment and services for perishable agricultural produce which private investors with the expertise and financing can tap onto.

Opportunities also are available for both local and international brand names to take advantage of prime advertising locations offered by our airports environment. Both global brands and their ad agencies can benefit from these prime outdoor and in terminal advertising locations.

There are also opportunities for world class facilities management companies to take care of our airport terminals and environs.

Landscape artists and horticultural design consultants can avail themselves of demand for such services at various airports round the country. The demand for such services will increase with the expected completion of five new international airport terminals later this year as well as completion of rehabilitation work on over 16 others.

There is an opportunity for contractor-financing to provide and build perimeter fencing at some of our airports across the country.

Road transport companies can acquire specialized trucks for transport of perishable agricultural produce from farms and warehouses to the airport.

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