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Benin Airport
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Benin City Airport

Benin Airport is an airport serving Benin City, the capital of Edo State in Nigeria. The runway is in the middle of the city. The Benin VOR-DME is located 3.1 nautical miles southwest of the airport. The Benin non-directional beacon is located on the field.

The Airport was constructed in 1956 by the former Public Works Department (PWD) and upgraded in between 1975 and 1978 before it was finally handed over to the Nigerian Airports Authority (NAA). Benin Airport is located at Ogba – Oko community about 2km southwest of the ancient Benin Kingdom. Address: Airport Rd, Ogogugbo, Benin CityCode: BNIElevation: 79 m

Full Name Benin City Airport
Latitude 6.31694
Longitude 5.59944

Owner/operator: Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria

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