A 3-day Global Networking Meeting of the Federal Ministry of Aviation



The 3-day Global Networking Meeting of the Federal Ministry of Aviation which comprises all parastatals in the Aviation Industry , Reform Coordination and Service Improvement Department  of Federal  Ministry of Aviation and representatives of SERVICOM Presidency was hosted by Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and it was held 14th -16th December, 2020 in Adsuit Hotel, Calabar.

The overriding objective of SERVICOM Global Networking Meetings is pair review mechanism. The meeting therefore is for all MDAs in the Aviation sector to review and appraise their performances as well as learn from each others’ strength and achievements. Sixty-two (65) participants attended the meeting from aviation agencies; forty-six (49) from FAAN, five (5) from Federal Ministry of Aviation (FMA), five (5) from Nigeria Metrological Agency (NIMET) three (3) from Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), two (2) from Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and one (1) from Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT).



The following observations were made during the SERVICOM Global Networking Meeting:

  • COVID-19 pandemic has grossly affected the aviation sector thereby leading to sharp fall in revenue generation, and to an extent, job loss.
  • There was collective yearning to make Service Delivery topmost in all agencies in the Aviation Sector.
  • The need for Teamwork across all Touch Points of service delivery chains in the Aviation Sector was at the front burner.
  • SERVICOM Department of NIMET needs some assistance in order to have a better footing in their agency.
  • Various speakers posited that COVID-19 and its control measures are the New Normal thus workers in the Aviation Sector must rise up to ensure optimal service delivery.
  • The need to have a national professional body that manages Service Delivery in Nigeria and certifies its members in order to ensure that Customer Service is not an all comer’s affairs which may subsequently erode service delivery tenets was pointed out.
  • It was clearly stated that FAAN Management is given adequate attention and support to Service Delivery in the Aviation Sector as seen in their support to SERVICOM Department of the Authority.
  • Demand was made to NODAL Officers of various agencies in the Aviation Sector to ensure regular submission of reports to Federal Ministry of Aviation.
  • The need to build a formidable team and ensure adequate succession plan was discussed during the Meeting.
  • Participants want Airport Customers to be sensitized on airport service delivery chain so as to help them channel their complaints to the appropriate quarter.
  • Various speakers reemphasized Continuous stakeholders’ engagement.
  • It was clearly stated in the 3-day Global Networking Meeting that Capacity building in quality Service Delivery cannot be overemphasized and therefore must be made recurrent.
  • The Global Networking Meeting revealed that outlining Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is an excellent tool in performance management and realization of organizational goals.
  • Participants want Customer feedback to be continuously reviewed.



At the end of the 3-day Global Networking Meeting the following resolutions were reached.

  • All agencies in the Aviation Sector should make Service Delivery topmost in their activities.
  • Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic participants should ensure that they give their best to ensure optimal customer satisfaction and that their respective agencies come out stronger.
  • All Touch points in the airport service delivery chain must be unified to produce an end result that surpasses customer expectations.
  • Airport Customers should be enlightened on airport service delivery chain.
  • Team work is paramount in the Aviation Sector and therefore must be constantly emphasized.
  • Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) will host the next Global Networking Meeting of the Federal Ministry of Aviation in the first Quarter of 2021.



All hands must be on deck to ensure that Service Delivery in the Aviation Sector is not eroded despite the challenges of COVID-19.  Aviation agencies must therefore brace up and come out stronger.